Guernsey Judo

At the show, Guernsey Judo will be demonstrating standing and groundwork techniques to allow visitors to gain an insight into what judo is really about.

Guernsey Judo is a vibrant community based sports club based at the Grammar School. Judo is slightly different from other contact sports in that the central theme is an inherent sense of honour, respect and an accent on fair play. A lifelong sport everyone can benefit from judo no matter your age, or physical athleticism.

Judo is a combination of speed strength and technique which allows you to develop physical fitness through high-intensity workouts, growing in strength and flexibility, and thus gain greater endurance. As well as the cardiovascular exercise, judo promotes increased speed and agility, static and dynamic balance. As players progress they gain improved reaction time and better coordination. A key benefit is the sense of increased personal self-confidence and awareness.

Find out more about Guernsey Judo


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