Creative Awakening. Philip Surry

For Philip’s talk and presentation on the day, we will be starting with a quote…
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.   – Picasso.
Philip believes that each one of us holds unlimited creative potential.  Although running his own massage business, he also works with mental health patients at the Oberlands ward Guernsey.   ” Art therapy is a loose term for the work I have been doing.  Its diverse and I use guided meditation techniques, self portrait work and a lot of creative emotional release”
Philip is an artist; a daydreamer and a doodler.  His earliest memories are of brushes and colours,  creation has always been natural to him, he believes truly that we are all born with this inate creative self.
Philip lost his creative ‘true’ self  shortly after his 19th birthday.  The block took hold of him and lasted for over 12 years.  It was a process that was painful, but also an enlightening experience that has taken him into the world of helping to awaken others.
“I lost who I truly was.  Like so many of us, I stopped being a child and tried to grow up.  I thought I was successful with a good job in the recruitment industry, and later running my own business.  I tried to run away from myself, quite literally; I ran marathons! I built false ego masks, I drank excessively, I was the life of a party but inside I had lost my soul.  I flew from every extreme I could, always trying to fulfill something.”
Philip found himself in the middle of a marriage break up, and finally he was sat on a couch with a psychologist asking the question, “who am I?” .
Ultimately this is a question Philip started to truly explore, the journey began. He started to read and study with great passion and devotion.  He also found a new perspective in places even closer to home….
“It was only when I had children that I started to go back and explore what it means to view our reality through the eyes of a child.   It changed everything and was a major trigger.
Every child is a creative and lives in the eternal present moment.  As soon as we apply judgement and social construct to our lives, we inevitably create a new mask.  We lose who we are.”
Philip made an enourmous breakthrough and started to paint.  He didnt stop and was consumed by the energy release.  For the first time, Philip was his true self.  He didnt care what people thought, he didn’t think what he was even doing, he found freedom.
“I truly awoke to who I really am, and I went back to painting.  I barely slept.  I was in such flow that i was producing canvases one after the other.  It was like this huge energy had erupted and I had to let it all out.  It was messy! My work was exhibited and it was only when I saw it being observed by the public that I began to understand how we all wear a mask to sheild us from painful vulnerability.
I took the bravest step in my life by taking off the mask.  Now, I want to help others to remove their own masks and awaken”
Philip will be launching a new business in 2018 helping awaken groups and individual clients to get back in touch with who they truly are, the inner child, the creative genius that holds unlimited potential and resides in each and every one of us.
“Day to day, both in my business as a massage therapist and also in the mens support group I help facilitate, I see the same division occur between the persona we create, and the true self within.  We were born to channel our energy creatively.  If you have a bad day at the office, then what better way to release that than to play music, dance, paint, sing,  there really are no limits.
I believe that the true self is an artist.  We were all born to create, and in so many ways.  Every one has a passion.  That true self doesnt need to adhere to judgment or any type of restrictive construct.  The true self is ultimately free.
I want to see people play with lego, splash paint,  write poetry and try things they never thought possible.  I am going to help open minds and hearts to a completely new way of living. “
Philip is looking for a select five individual clients he would like to help awaken to their own creative brilliance.  He would ideally like to work with people he has never met before and from a range of different backgrounds and experiences.
Each awakening course will be tailored to each client and is based financially only on what you can afford.
  “I want this work to be open to everyone! It will catch fire and this knowledge and change in perspective will ignite the same passion in so many others.  I am so excited to flint the spark.”

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