Brain Health: How it Can be Positively Influenced by Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes. Daniel White

What impact does nutrition, diet and lifestyle behaviours have on brain health and mental health? The undeniable fact is that the foods that we eat and the
lifestyle behaviours we enact can have a large influence on our brain health and
subsequently our mental state. Food and lifestyle factors widely directly affect our
attention, motivation, learning, reading and other aspects of our cognition, as well as mood-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hostility and aggression. ‘Nutritional Neuroscience’ or ‘Nutritional Psychiatry’ are quickly growing areas of research that concern the effects of nutrition on behaviour.


Dan recently graduated from a Masters studies in Nutrition & Behaviour at
Bournemouth University with distinction, after having completed a BSc in Psychology at
Leeds Beckett University, for which he was awarded first class honours.

He is also a registered Associate Nutritionist with the British Association for Nutrition (AfN).
“I am passionate about applying a natural and holistic approach whose foundations are
based in functional/integrative nutrition and lifestyle management. This enables a
patient-centred approach through which I work to empower clients to address the root
causes of bodily imbalances in order to enhance their overall physical and mental well-

I am incredibly lucky to have had the unique opportunity to undertake degrees in
both Psychology and Nutrition & Behaviour. Marrying the knowledge from these
inseparable disciplines with my experience in down-to- earth coaching allows me to
work with individuals’ holistically, helping them to achieve and maintain improvements
to their health.”



 Initial in-depth consultation (90 minutes) including analysis of your current diet,
overall health status and personal goals
 Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme
 Two weeks support via email / phone
 Access to further follow up consultations and support if required (additional


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