Lifestyle Consultations and Social Prescribing. Dr Piers Mitchell

Our grandparents knew a lot about the benefits of good diet, exercise, rest, and being part of a strong community. Over the last 50 years much of this wisdom has been forgotten resulting in the current global epidemic of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression and dementia.  

There is now a growing realisation that addressing these basics can prevent, improve and even reverse many of these conditions. Dr Mitchell will be talking about how GP consultations are evolving to discuss lifestyle changes and how this can be supported by “Social Prescribing”. 

Piers is a local GP interested in how lifestyle change can prevent or reverse chronic disease. He has a particular interest in the management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat (ENT), minor surgery and travel medicine. He has worked as an expedition Doctor in Belize, Brazil, China, Morocco and New Zealand. 

Dr Piers Mitchell MB ChB BSc(Hons) MRCS(Ed) MRCGP, Queens Road Medical Practice 

Dr Mitchell edit


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