DNA & Destiny – It’s in your hands! Dr Mat Dorrian

How did the giraffe get its long neck? Dr Dorrian will look at the emerging evidence from epigenetics – the control of gene expression by lifestyle. 

He will discuss how environment, exercise and diet can positively alter gene expression to improve health and prevent disease. He will also cover the latest evidence which shows that our traditional understanding of genetics and inheritance to be grossly over simplified.

Dr Mat Dorrian is a local GP and emergency medicine doctor. He has recently completed an MSc in Genomic Medicine which is an emerging medical discipline that involves using genomic (DNA) information about an individual as part of their clinical care. He is interested in disease prevention and prediction and understanding the interaction between the environment and our genes. 

Dr Mat Dorrian MB ChB MRCP(UK) MRCGP MCEM, Queens Road Medical Practice 

thumbnail_Dr Dorrian edit


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