Katie Brock Yoga Elements

During the Guernsey Health Show, Katie will be on hand to discuss any of your Yoga questions, from complete beginners to the more experienced of practitioners.

She will offer the chance to win 6 Yoga class vouchers 

Katie began practicing Yoga in her early twenties. Like most, she dipped in and out of her practice until something big changed everything. Katie was suffering from a hugely stressful job in Finance, coupled with a debilitating back issue (which refused to
be ignored any longer); in turn provided her the perfect recipe for anxiety related stress.
Like most, Katie suffered a period of resentment and annoyance with her lack of being able to ‘cope’. On Katie’s birthday she quit her job and bought herself yet another round the world ticket, but this time with a plan – to study her body and mind, in depth.
Self Studying, learning and living with some of the great teachers in South East Asia and India, embracing all aspects of Yoga, Katie felt she had finally found what she truly believes is her calling in life, through the teachings and compassion of Yoga, not only was she finding her very own self healing path, but was now encouraged to bring Yoga to everyone, at no matter at what stage of their lives.
Katie has since been accredited with over 600 hours of teacher training. Whilst she continues to study; she teaches and treats Yoga therapy full time with a huge array of students of all abilities globally, who are drawn to her unique teaching style; blending compassion, expertise, awareness and honesty. Grateful to be able to share the knowledge of what Katie has learnt over the years; a key to a happier, less stressed out, healthier, balanced mind and body.

Katie invites you to take some well-deserved time out to breath, and create space and
flexibility on and off the mat.

Katie Brock, RYT, RPYT AYM DIP


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