Body & Pole

Body & Pole Limited is Guernsey’s leading pole fitness specialist. Pole is a combination of dance, gymnastics and acrobatics and includes spins, climbs, transitions, floor work, holds and inverts. Pole is a great way to keep fit building strength and improving flexibility. We run courses at multiple levels from complete beginners to advanced.  Pole is mentally stimulating and challenging with a huge range of moves to ensure you will never get bored. Personal Training and tuition for smaller groups is also available upon request.

So is pole for you?

You find usual exercise boring and repetitive? You fancy trying something new? You always wanted to try pole but didn’t have the confidence? You fancy a new challenge?

If any of the answers to theses questions is yes, then pole is for you.

Whatever your background we will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Guernsey registered (2014) business no. 58336

Lava Lundberg & Anneka Saunders

Find out more about Body & Pole or contact



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