Win a Hypnotherapy Treatment or a Pain Relief Session worth £150 with the Cure Clinic

There could be a very surprising reason why you struggle with weight, can’t give up smoking , get very anxious in social situations or suffer with physical pain. Would you like to find out exactly what that is?

Through FAST reprogramming of thoughts, feelings and belief systems Rapid Transformational Therapy can help  facilitate the change people seek through the use of hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

The outcome is simply the achievement of permanent physical and mental change.

Tammy is a hypnotherapist, rapid change practitioner and pain elimination specialist. She is also part of the Guernsey Health Show committee and looks forward to welcoming you to the show in its second year running. 

Find out more about the Cure Clinic in the Health and Wellbeing Zone.

Enter anytime between now and 12 January 2018. Click the ‘share’ button below and tag @HealthShowGsy to be entered 



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